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Satellite Broadband Internet (SatNet) Modem IP

We're designing some of the state-of-the art satellite based broadband Internet modem IP cores.

The modem IPs are designed for use in satellite based broadband Internet communications for home and professionals and will also be made available to businesses, communities, governments and the defense in the future.

The IP cores can be incorporated into various satellite terminals, indoor units and modems on the ground.

Various satellite technologies, modulation and demodulation technologies, coding technologies, error correction schemes, VLSI technologies - FPGA, DSP, GPU, SDR, etc are applied to make the design compatible with the latest chip technologies and its extensibility.

We're hoping that you would be interested in our designs and talk with us about a possible cooperation. We make the IP cores available to the industry in various forms.

For more information about the designs, see terminals_indoorunits_modems_chips_toc.pdf () (This is the current table of contents of the design, subject to day to day changes) for details, or you may request for a sample datasheet or specification.

We can also design a custom satnet modem IP core for you specifically,tailored for your special requirements at the best price in the industry. Contact us for more information regarding your projects and cost expectations.


Our China IC Monthly Report for the month of June 2019 is already finished and is ready to ship to our buyers. Click here to have a view of its introduction and order one for yourself as well. Enjoy reading and have fun! Updated July 21, 2019.
This site is just in the beginning. We will eventually develop it into an industrial hub of (satellite modem) IC technologies, linking users, researchers / developers, manufacturers and operators of (satellite modem) ICs. We welcome industry stake holders, investors and capitalists to talk about a cooperation.
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